Fixtures For Clawfoot Bathtubs

In order for you clawfoot bathtub to stay in good shape or to even be used in the first place you need to purchase the necessary fixtures. These fixtures are used to help it run properly or for any repairs that it may need sometime in the future.

Tub Feet

What good is your clawfoot bathtub without the necessary feet to hold it up? Often time people will purchase these feet to match their tub and with a special design to give it a more classic look then it already has. These tub feet can cost anywhere between $40 to $255. It all depends on who you purchase it from and what type of materials are used to make them.

Tub Faucets

Not only are the clawfoot bathtubs themselves quite unusual – but the faucets that they use are also. Usually a faucet that is used on a normal bathtub is simple and in reality quite boring. It is a simple spout that sits where it is at and two handles to operate it. However, in clawfoot bathtubs the look is quite different.

First off you will need to purchase special parts and even extensions to be able to hook it up to the necessary pipes and plumbing. I am sure that the manufacturer will help you to know which ones will work best. The faucet you will use is very unique and is attached at the top part of the tub. It has two handles to operate the temperature of the water and a small elegantly shaped faucet from which the water comes from.

Those who want more comfort during their relaxing baths will also use a small and elegant shower head. This is built with an extension that allows you to grab hold of it and pull it to your end of the tub. When not in use the head will sit on its perch above the faucet.

Repair Kits

Sometimes accidents can happen and these accidents can chip or even dent or beautiful clawfoot bathtub. Instead of worrying about who will see it you need to think about how you can repair it easily. The good thing is you can do this on your own with a special clawfoot repair kit. These kits come available with all the materials you need. The can cost anywhere between $20 to $30.