Common Designs Of Clawfoot Bathtubs

As time has gone by the design and look of the clawfoot bathtub has changed and evolved to fit people’s changing styles. Many who choose these particular type of tub choose it for its classic look. However, there are some who love the idea of it – but wish for a more simple look or tend to go to the extreme classic look.

Like normal bathtubs that you purchase you can find them in different sizes, styles, and even materials that will match the décor in your bathroom. That is why the look of the clawfoot tub has evolved over time and now you are able to purchase different types of it.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are different from the average clawfoot tubs not by their shape – but by the feet that they use – or in this case don’t use. The oversized bathtub sits upon a simple base or pedestal instead of the clawfoots that make it truly unique.

Classic And Double Ended Tubs

The classic clawfoot bathtub is designed with one end of it curved in an arc and the other end completely cut off and in a straight line. Because of this unusual design they are generally small and not always popular for people who love to stretch out without any problems. Over time the double ended tubs were designed. The two are similar except both sides of the tub are elongated and in the shape of an arc to form a perfectly rounded tub.

Slipper And Double Slipper Tubs

Many clawfoot bathtubs are designed with one end sloped in an upward manner these are known as slipper clawfoot bathtubs. This allows the user room to relax their head and stretch out completely while taking a bath. The double slipper tubs are designed with both ends stretching upwards. This allows more then one person to use it or for people who are bigger and need more room.